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Congratulations to faculty members of the department for being included in the list of "World's Top 2% Scientists" in 2022!

         Stanford University released the latest 2022 "World's Top 2% Scientists", including "Career-Long Impact Ranking" and "Single Recent Year Impact Ranking". The department has 10 teachers are included in the "Career-Long Impact Ranking", and 3 teachers are included in the "Single Recent Year Impact Ranking". Congratulations to all teachers on the list. The detailed list is as follows:


List of IAA faculty members among the World's Top 2% Scientists

Career-Long Impact Ranking

Single Recent Year Impact Ranking

Hwu, Chyan-Bin

Cheng, Chin-Hsiang

Chao, Yei-Chin 


Cheng, Chin-Hsiang

Wang, Wei-Cheng

Chen, Chieh-Li


Young, Wen-Bin

Yang, Shih-Ming

Yang, Ciann-Dong

Chen, Wen-Lih


Wang, Wei-Cheng


Original Sources:https://elsevier.digitalcommonsdata.com/datasets/btchxktzyw/

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